Dining Room Lighting

Whether it’s a kitchen nook or a beautiful dining room, lighting makes all the difference. I often like to keep my designs clean and minimal, but I love to make a statement with the lights. A beautiful light is a show piece in a room.  It’s like a piece of art. If you are trying to decide where to spend your money, consider saving some for a great chandelier or pendant.

Updated Kitchen Nook - Becki Owens

In this kitchen nook makeover, I knew the light would make all the difference. I love how this wood-carved pendant defines the space of this open floor plan. One of my favorite things to do is look for beautiful dining room lighting, so I had fun while pulling some of my favorites for you to consider. I hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful day.


dining-room-lighting-becki owens

Dining Room Lighting

  1. Tiered Tapers Chandelier
  2. Jarrod Wood-Carved Pendant
  3. Manning Wood Chandelier
  4. Biarritz Tiered Chandelier
  5. Ivory Beaded Chandelier
  6. 18 Inch Vintage Brass Light
  7. Viller Chandelier
  8. Pearled Magnolia Chandelier
  9. Antique Nickel Tier Chandelier
  10. Louis Painted Wood Chandelier
  11. Antique Brass Spark Pendant
  12. White Hammered Iron Pendant

2 thoughts on “Dining Room Lighting

  1. Stef says:

    Hi Becki,
    We just purchased a new home that is currently being built. I’m struggling with lighting for above our dining room table, as the space is “open to above” (meaning the space above the dining room table is the entire height of the home). I like the mid-century modern look (brass fixtures in particular)…but I can’t seem to find anything “grand” enough to use in this space, since there’s sooo much room above it. Any suggestions?

    Here’s the floorplan, in case it helps:

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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