How to Save on Vintage Textile Pillows

Family Ties Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

One of our favorite ways to layer in texture and color is with vintage textile pillows. These beautiful fabrics are sourced from around the world and create a high-end artisan vibe in your space. At home stores, these pillows often cost several hundred dollars a piece. For a fraction of that price, you can find vintage textile pillows on Etsy. Although most will be sent with only the cover, we love to fill them with these super affordable feather pillow inserts from IKEA. For a designer look, chose your insert pillow one size larger than your vintage textile cover. Check out some of our favorite pillow trends and our go to Etsy shops to get the look.

Rich Earth Tones

Summit Creek Project /Rebekah Westover Photography

Family Ties Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Earthy tones are trending this year. Think rich browns, warm terra-cottas, sage greens and dark yellows. Vintage textiles are a beautiful way to introduce this color pallet into your home. To get the look, shop One Affirmation. This Etsy shop has an always changing selection of incredible global textiles.

Classic Blues

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Although warmer colors have taken center stage this year, blue is a classic color always creates a calming vibe. Many of my clients love it when creating a coastal boho look. One of our favorite Etsy shops for sourcing unique blue textiles is Oriental Tribe. Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, this shop has a unique selection of Chinese batik and other Hmong textiles.

Warm Neutrals

Family Ties Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Family Ties Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Summit Creek Project /Rebekah Westover Photography

If you are keeping your space neutral, the texture and pattern of hand-woven textiles adds a lot of depth to the design. We love how many of these pillows have a rich creamy look that adds pretty dimension to a black and white space. For unique neutral pillows, check out Boho Pillow or One Fine Nest. Boho Pillow is great at finding new textile looks from around the world, while One Fine Nest has a big selection of everything, but especially black and white African Mudcloth.

We are always looking for way to help you affordably update your look! Hope you found some pillows to love. Check back soon for more in our Designer Dupes series.


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