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It’s no secret, I love marble countertops and believe they are a great choice for updating a kitchen.  Even with a full house, marble counters can be beautifully cared for and maintained. I’ve posted a couple articles on this topic that are great resources for anyone who is considering marble in their kitchen:

1. A guide for selecting marble countertops.

2. A Q+A on how to care for and maintain marble.

Sometimes it’s fun to know what goes on behind the scenes. Today, I’m showing marble maintenance in action. In the pictures below, the marble is being cleaned and polished, preparing it to be resealed by Alpine Marble. This is a 15 year sealer called Dry Treat. They also have a product called Daily Cleaner that is my favorite solution for cleaning my marble countertops.

Cleaning and Polishing Marble Becki Owens Cleaning and Polishing Marble Becki Owens
/ Pendant Lights / Colorado Gold Marble /

Marble really is a beautiful stone to work with and gives my designs a the fresh, crisp and clean look that I love. There are a few marbles that I consider my go tos. Here is a guide of my favorites.

marble guide becki owens

I hope these resources are helpful to you as you are brainstorming your own projects. Have a wonderful Tuesday!



7 thoughts on “Best of Blog: Marble Countertops

  1. Lauren says:

    I just used Volakas marble in my kitchen remodel. We found it was a good alternative to the pricey (and beautiful) Calcutta Gold. It was at the same price point as the Carerra – that has been coming in a little too grey lately for our taste.

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