7 Bathroom Design Details from my Projects

When remodeling your bathroom there are ALOT of decisions to make. You have probably been thinking about your tile and hardware but there are smaller design decisions that have to be made as well. Small details in a bathroom can have major impact on the final look and feel of your space. Today, I am sharing five bathroom design details from my projects that might help you decide the look you want in yours.

A Curbless Shower

Town Center Project Spanish Modern Bathroom


A curbless shower means that your bathroom floor is uninterrupted, a very pretty look when using patterned cement tile. It creates an open feeling that helps small spaces appear larger. Clients are often nervous about water leaking out of the shower space, but with proper sealing and floor slope it is not a problem.


Wall Mount Faucet

Villa Bonita Project Bathroom


A wall mount faucet is installed on the wall behind your sink instead of on the counter like the more common deck-mount faucet. Mounting on the wall creates a modern look that we love. It is also easier to keep clean, as it eliminates the small space behind a deck-mount faucet and the wall that gets filled with calcium deposits and grime. In this Villa Bonita bathroom we used this Brizo modern matte black faucet.

Schluter Edged Shower Curb

Arboles Project Bathroom

In our Arboles Project Bathroom we used a Schluter edge strip on our tile installation to achieve a clean profile without extra caulking. It’s a small detail that adds modern polish to the completed space.

Mirror Mount Sconces

Arboles Project Bathroom


Choosing a mirror that fills the wall visually opens up the bathroom and maximizes reflected light. Mounting your sconces on the mirror allows you to use the largest mirror possible without worrying about having to hang your lights too high. In the Arboles bathroom these white and brass sconces are reflected in the mirror and make a pretty statement.

Statement Shower Tile

Villa Bonita Project Bathroom

It is common to see patterned floor tile paired with a white subway tile shower. In the Villa Bonita Master Bathroom, we created a cool space by switching things up. We kept the floor white and chose the prettiest New Ravenna mosaic tile for the shower walls. With a frameless glass shower door, the tile is on display and feels like a work of art.


Mix of Metals

Villa Bonita Project Bathroom


Mixing the metals of your hardware feels modern and unexpected. In the Villa Bonita Master Bathroom, we complemented the cool grays from the tile and the warmth of the wood by mixing muted brass with a high shine nickel. Make your mix feel intentional by sticking to two different colors and keeping the metals the same on each level. Here we have brass up high with sconce lighting, nickel faucets in the middle, and then brass again down low on the vanity pulls.

Statement Lighting

Vidriosa Project Bathroom


Often the bathroom lighting fixture  is an after thought, but there is no reason it has to be purely practical. Make your bathroom feel unique with a fixture that makes a statement. In our Vidriosa Project we used this beautiful brass lantern pendant from Visual Comfort.

Hope this helps you make some of your bathroom design decisions. Thanks for stopping by today! Check back soon for more project images and tips.

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