5 Ways to Create a Curated Kitchen

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

The kitchen is almost always the heart of the home where family and friends gather for good food and conversation. Fall in love with your kitchen by creating a curated look that is warm and welcoming with todays five easy styling tips. 


Textured Counter Stools

Desert Oasis Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Organic textiles create texture in a way that feels effortless. Woven barstools haven been trending and we love the look. But a more durable option is to use leather. The rich texture, pretty caramel color, and tie detail of these stools in our Desert Oasis Project kitchen creates a beautiful layered look that can still hold up to heavy use. 


Unique Ceramics

Beach Front Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Mix up your matching set of white dish ware with ceramic serving platters, crocks, and planters in varied shades of neutrals. Find interesting glazes, textures, and shapes that you love. Here in our Beach Front Project we used white, brown, and terracotta to create a layering of unique finds on our styled shelves.


Mixed Wood Tones

Torina Project

Keeping all the woods in your kitchen the same tone creates a flat look. Make it feel more interesting with a mixture of light and dark wood accents. Here we added depth to our light wood floors with a medium tone beam above the range and dark wood styling accents on the counters and shelves. 



Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography

Whether you like oils, watercolor, or photography, find a piece of art that you love and layer it in to your shelf or counter styling. Art in the kitchen might not be your first instinct, but it elevates the look while adding color, texture, and beauty.


Statement Lighting

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Builder-grade lighting can be lifeless. Swap it out for lighting that makes a statement. Find something you love that is stand alone pretty but blends in to your space and complements the other color and textures that you already have. Here in our Summit Creek Project, the black metal in these lanterns above the island blends with other dark accents throughout the space, while the brass adds pretty color and shine.


Styling can go a long way in making a bland kitchen come to life. Layers of texture create a curated look that will have you falling in love with your space.

Can’t wait to see the look you create! Share with us! #BeckiOwensFeature


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