5 Designer Styling Secrets

Designers and Stylists have a lot of experience transforming spaces and making them Instagram image worthy. We know that without the right finishing touches, even good bones and beautiful furniture can look blah. But even if you don’t have the budget for a professional, there are easy tricks you can do to make your home look more like the images that inspire you. Today I am sharing five styling secrets to help you get that layered designer look in your own home.

Layer Items you Love

Becki Owens and Nicole Davis Cotton Point Estates Project

A room feels complete when shelves and tables are styled with objects that you love. Mixing old family photos, favorite books, travel souvenirs with new purchases creates a unique layering of beautiful objects that makes a room feel vibrant. If you don’t like the collection that you have, I always find beautiful styling pieces at local boutiques, vintage stores, or on sale at Pottery Barn, West Elm, One Kings Lane, or Etsy.


Becki Owens Calle Tamara Project

Although a few decorative items create a beautiful curated look, too many objects (no matter how pretty or expensive) start to just look like just stuff. Most or us have a large collection of keepsakes, and if you like to shop the collection keeps growing. Avoid a cluttered space by only buying new items you absolutely love and sorting through old items, keeping only those that are meaningful. Another good idea is to only display a few items at a time, keep the rest in storage, and then switch things out with the seasons.


Style in Threes

Becki Owens Las Palmas Project

This is not a hard and fast rule, but one styling idea that always looks good is to stick to a grouping of three. Pick three objets of varied heights, textures, or colors and arrange them together. It creates a look that seems simple and effortless but still visually interesting.


Mix In Lots of Textiles

Becki Owens Brio Project

Add color, texture, and an inviting softness with pillows, throws, and rugs. Mix patterns? Yes. Use different colors? Yes. Layer a rug with another rug or over carpet? Yes. Colors and pattern add depth, and as long as your foundation is neutral, the mix feels fun and fresh.


Add Greenery

Becki Owens Estillo Project

If you read the blog often, you know that this is a favorite styling tip of mine. It’s so affordable and makes such a dramatic difference. Adding pops of flowers and greens throughout your home creates a fresh look full of life and color. If you love fresh plants read our Succulent Guide or Favorite Styling Flowers. If you lack a green thumb, read our Faux Plant Guide for ideas.


Incorporating a few of these affordable ideas can make your space feel polished and complete. Try it and then snap a shot of your styled vignette or space and share it on Instagram!  I love seeing your spaces #beckiowensfeature.




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