2024 Trend: Arched Hallways and Custom Doors

Pura Vista Project / Mykals Photography

We love starting the year with a look forward to the looks, colors, and changes we expect to see and use more of in the upcoming year. Innovation and change is a fun part of design. Although your home should be an expression of you and not driven exclusively by trends, seeing new ideas can be a fun way to evolve your own personal style. Today we’re starting with the reemergence of traditional architectural detailing. For a long time, we got rid of all the extras in favor of clean modern lines and crisp simplicity. Trending design is adding it back in. Today we are showing how we are adding in the architectural arch into the hallways and custom doors of our projects.

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

An arched doorway is unexpected and therefore makes a statement. The shape draws the eye and beckons you to enter a space. They draw the eye up, emphasizing they height of your walls and making your space feel more spacious.

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

The softness of a curve contrasts with the crisp straight lines of the room and makes the design choice interesting. Pair it with what has to be a custom door to fit the space, and you really get an elevated look.

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

The arch is a nod to charming European design. In our Belotta project, a home inspired by the English countryside, the arch is a theme throughout the home from doors, to hallways, and room transitions. It creates a really beautiful cohesive statement full of warmth and charm.

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

Does your house use this trend or do you plan to? We love it! We can’t wait to share more trending ideas that we are using and seeing so check back soon!


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One thought on “2024 Trend: Arched Hallways and Custom Doors

  1. Kirsten Valentine says:

    Arches are beautiful! You forgot to mention one of the best parts though….they look phenomenal during the holidays surrounded by garlands!

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