This Week’s Favorite Finds

This week has been a blur! Full of fun, sun and enjoying the holiday with family. I love some good downtime! While looking for this week’s favorite finds I noticed some items that I love, that were sold out, are now back in stock: like the chairs I used in my Las Palmas Project dining room and a great affordable marble column table lamp. Plus, I’m sharing some items I can’t live without and wear everyday. I hope you have fun shopping this week’s favorites and have wonderful Friday!!


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This Week’s Favorite Finds

  1. Pottery Barn is having a sale on all their wall art, including this gorgeous piece in soft abstract tones.
  2. One of the best table lamps for the money  is now back in stock. Grab it while you can.
  3. Right now I’m loving simple gold jewlery, layered, including this gold bracelet.
  4. I also love this choker layered with other gold necklaces. I wear it every day!
  5. This mascara is perfect. It makes your lashes look their BEST and then even BETTER. It makes them appear long and full of volume. Love it!
  6. I saw this outfit and immediately fell in love with its retro look. This sweater has cool timeless style and would look great with a skirt or even skinny jeans. If you want the look for less click here.
  7. These wide-leg jeans are a fun trend. They look perfect paired with platforms and tees or the sweater above. There are also these or these for a more affordable option.
  8. These woven chairs are amazing. I used them in the dining room of my Las Palmas project. For awhile you couldn’t find them online, but they are now available!
  9. A beautiful, vintage, mud cloth pillow to layer on a chair or sofa.
  10. This vintage boho Turkish rug is such an amazing price for the size. I love the soft pink tones.
  11. I just got this Moroccan Wedding Throw. It has beautiful fringe detail and a cool boho look. Plus, it is incredibly soft. It’s my new favorite thing to cuddle up with at the end of the day. Plus, it looks amazing as a layer on a sofa or bed. It’s going to be my new go to gift, when i need to give something special. Get it now for 25% off with code: SPANGLED.
  12. Gorgeous caramel platform sandals. Classic, cool and retro all at the same time!  Here is the look for less.

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