The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Voluspa Candles

If you have been searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, I have a great option for you. One of my favorite gifts to give to the special women in my life are home fragrances, specifically Voluspa candles. I love the idea of giving gifts that are pretty and soothing. These candles are perfect because they are beautiful to display and come in gorgeous scents.

These candles and fragrances are also great for styling bathrooms, bookshelves and bedside tables. I also love the look of them in a kitchen or on a coffee table.

Voluspa Candles

Two of my favorite scents for Mother’s Day are Prosecco Bellini and Makassar Ebony Peach. I’ve styled Prosecco Bellini in the gold and white bathroom above. This collection comes in both a beautiful flower design and candles with swirls of gold and pink on the outside. It smells of ripe peaches and sweet apricots. I couldn’t help smelling it over and over. Your mom will love it.

Makassar Ebony Peach is also a great choice. It’s design compliments Prosecco Bellini if you want to do a mix. It smells of solid black ebony wood combined with ripe peaches and apple blossom. A perfectly rich and sweet scent. I love the metallic look of this candle. It’s silver with a luxurious gold, reflective interior. Candles from this collection are an elegant gift.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about one of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts. I always feel good about giving these candles as gifts because I know I would love them even for myself. See below for a sample of my favorite collections from Voluspa. Have a wonderful day!



Voluspa Cadles

/ 1 – Makassar Ebony Oil Diffuser / 2 – Makassar Ebony Grande Maison Candle / 3 – Makassar Ebony Corta Maison Candle w/ Lid / 4 – Prosecco Bellini Maison Metallo Candle  / 5 – Prosecco Bellini Aqua De Senteur / 6 – Prosecco Bellini Classic Maison Boxed Votive  / 7 – Prosecco Bellini Classic Maison Candle


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