Splurge and Save: Winter Boots

When it comes to boots, it’s not just the heel that’s high and low. This seasons winter boots have great options for splurging on an investment pair or saving on a several. Whether you have been drooling over Stuart Weitzman’s over the knee boots, or you want to buy a few new styles, these winter boot picks will give you plenty of options.

Splurge and Save Winter Boots
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Splurge and Save Boots

  1. Splurge Low Over the Knee Boot Lowland
  2. Save Low Over the Knee Boot Livi
  3. Slurge Ankle Boot
  4. Save Ankle Boot
  5. Splurge Platform Boot
  6. Save Platform Boot
  7. Splurge High Over the Knee Boot
  8. Save High Over the Knee Boot
  9. Splurge Low Cut Bootie
  10. Save Low Cut Bootie

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