5 Essential Pieces for Small Space Living

amber fillerup clark NYC living room

Amber Fillerup Clark’s NYC Apartment Project

Decorating for a small space is all about decluttering and then making smart design and furniture decisions. Today we are sharing five essential pieces for small space living that help you get a functional space that is still beautiful.


Versatile Seating

Las Palmas Project

Get creative with your seating to make sure visitors always have a place to sit. Add small up right chairs, ottomans, or stools that can easily be moved around to adjust for any situation or crowd. No room for even a sofa? Stick to arm chairs grouped around a coffee table


Pedestal Table

Jack Griffo Project

The beautiful shape of a pedestal table with its round top and slender base makes it super space friendly. It tucks into a corner, leaves plenty of leg space if you need to squeeze in extra chairs, and doubles as a dining table and game room.


Storage Furniture

Becki Owens Double Eagle Project Bunk Room

Make sure the furniture that you buy for a small space can do double duty. The bunk rooms in our Double Eagle Project are not small, but we did have to squeeze out all available room to accommodate lots of sleepers. We added built in drawers under each bed for storage. The drawers could be used for extra linens, or as additional closet space for clothes and other personal items. You can find ottomans, coffee tables, and beds with extra built-in storage compartments.


Oversize Mirror

Danielle K. White Nursery Project

If you are going to make a decorative splurge for a small space, an oversize mirror is a good one. Mirrors open up the space, reflect light, and make a statement.


Statement Rug

Double Eagle Project Master Bathroom

In most of our bathroom projects we choose a bold statement rug that works to warm the space, provide a soft step, and double as a piece of art. The same is true for any small space. You do not want to waste any space with boring details. Instead, make a statement and add color, pattern, and texture with a fun rug. Bonus, smaller rugs are significantly less expensive. We like to use vintage, but there are also so many pretty options from all our favorite retailers as well. Shop some favorites below. Find a rug you love but its a tad too small? Layer it over an affordable natural fiber rug in a larger size. Get tips on picking the right size rug in this post.


Don’t be discouraged because you living space is small. By making smart design and furniture decisions, your small home can be made functional and beautiful and with a much smaller budget. For more ideas, browse our small space furniture finds below,

Happy Thursday!



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