Our Pura Vista Project Rug Selections: Part 1

Pura Vista Project / Photography: Austin Drew 

We are so excited to start sharing the details and sources of our Pura Vista Project. This Parade Home was spacious and airy with sweeping views of the outdoors. In order to keep each room grounded and cozy, rugs became super important to the design. We partnered with Surya to curate a beautiful selection of rugs for Pura Vista that played with pattern and texture but stuck to neutral colors. We’re sharing the rugs over several posts because there are a lot and you are going to love them all. Today, take a look at some of our favorites.

Pura Vista Project / Photography: Austin Drew 

In the main living space, we chose the Surya Reliance Rug. Featuring an earthy brown, beige, and cream color palette, the Reliance uses neutral tones to highlight striped patterns, fine textures, and fringe. We love the way it blended with the other earthy tones in the space but also the pretty blue sofas.


Pura Vista Project / Photography: Austin Drew

Adjacent to the living room, the Carre Rug grounds the dining space with crisp grid patterns. We love the way it complements the living room rug, but it’s graphic lines and light color make a statement of its own. This was especially important in this open space that includes the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. We needed to define the dining area and fill the large space.


Pura Vista Project / Photography: Austin Drew 

In this bedrioom, we chose a soft earthy blue from out Becki Owens x Surya Luca Collection. It’s vintage look and pretty pattern creates adds richness to the space. The faded blue within this rug creates a dreamy, cool tone that is especially perfect in this room that overlooks the pool below.


Pura Vista Project 

This powder bathroom is full of rustic beauty and interesting textures. A small Surya Hemingway Rug adds a soft step and casual Moroccan vibe to the space. This rug is especially durable and stain resistant. It’s a great pick for a bathroom, or any space that sees a lot of traffic, pets, and kids.


Pura Vista Project / Photography: Austin Drew 

This beautiful full bath pairs cool grays and warm wood and metals. The striped Surya Reliance Rug adds soft protection in the wet space while blending in with the space. This is a rug that would work in any space and style.

There are so many more rugs to share, be sure to check back soon to see Part 2 of our Pura Vista rug reveal. Each of these Surya rugs are as durable as they are beautiful, and we picked these pretty patterned neutrals with versatility in mind. They’d be great in your space.


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