Now Available: My Signature Home Scents from Becki Owens x Pura!!

Today we have big news! I’m so excited to share our collaboration with our favorite home scent brand, Pura. Have you tried Pura already? It’s smartest way to create a beautifully smelling home! Pura creates long-lasting fragrance that transforms the vibe in your home. I fell in love with it immediately and have been using it in my own home for a long time. Whenever I entertain, I get asked why my home smells so good. With the launch of Becki Owens x Pura, I’m thrilled to bring my signature scents from my home to yours.

Pura uses only designer-grade fragrances formulated with the finest, responsibly sourced natural ingredients. You can smell the difference, it’s clean.

The Becki Owens by Pura starter kit includes the smart device and my two signature scents, Coconut Calm and Vanilla Berry These scents help create a fresh and relaxed So Cal coastal vibe in your home with notes of vanilla bean, ocean breezes, and sparkling citrus. It’s the feeling I work to capture in my projects and in my own home. The set makes the perfect holiday gift! However, if you lucky enough to already have Pura in your home, the scent vials can be purchased individually.

I am so excited for you to try Becki Owens by Pura. From the moment people enter your home, they will be asking why your home smells so lovely. Read more about Pura and purchase your own starter kit at I can’t wait to hear what you think.


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