New at Nordstrom Under $100

If you have been searching for the perfect coverup to wear to Fourth of July pool and beach parties I found it for under $100! That and several other amazing affordable finds are the subject of today’s post. Check out what’s new at Nordstrom for under $100.


new at nordstrom
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New at Nordstrom – Under $100

  1. I just used some similar wall planters in a project. These are a great way to accessorize and are very affordable.
  2. Use this cool, woven basket as a planter or to hide clutter. I love the gray and sand neutral pattern.
  3. Throw on this dress as a cover up and wear from pool to beach. Click to see the pretty embroidered detail.
  4. This necklace is perfect for wearing with basics. It even goes well with the dress pictured above.
  5. There are several new sandals under $100 at Nordstrom. Thesegold ones come in two colors.
  6. I like the taupe color of these gladiator sandals and the tassel ties.
  7. My friend just got these lace-up gladiators. They are a must have basic for summer!!
  8. I have seen this style tote from high end designers for over $500. Grab this chic summer beach bag for under $70!!!



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