Gallery Wall Art

Art is the one of the easiest and most effective ways to update a space. It makes neutrals come alive, creates eye candy and reflects everyones individual tastes. I always feel like a space isn’t complete until it has some pretty artwork to add color and give it personality. A gallery wall is one of my favorite ways to display art. It can be clean and simple or eclectic and whimsical. If you like a variety of artistic styles it’s a great way to display them in a cohesive grouping. Today, I’m sharing some examples of gallery walls in my own designs and a few inspirations to pull ideas from when creating your own. Plus, I’ve put together a roundup of some pretty artwork for you to shop. Enjoy!



becki owens kitchen nook dining room

See before and after pictures of this space here.

amber fillerup clark NYC living room

Amber Fillerup Living Room – More pictures here.




Via French Fancy


Emily Henderson


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