DIY Valentine’s Day Tree

DIY Valentine's Day Tree

We love how Brittany at The House that Lars Built has made our dining room space design ready for Valentine’s Day. This DIY for a Scandinavian branch tree is so charming and whimsical you might have to find a new spot for it after the holiday is over. For a full tutorial on this how to make this easy DIY Valentine’s Day Tree see below.

DIY Valentine's Day Tree

DIY Valentine's Day TreeDIY Valentine's Day tree

Photography by Elise Lauren
Interior Design by Owens and Davis
Assisting by Caitlin Watson Boyes
Crafting and styling by Brittany Jepsen



  1. Spray paint the branches white and let it dry.
  2. Follow the instructions here to make the 3D paper hearts below
  3. Make a hook on the edge by tying the end of it.
  4. Put the dry branches in a vase and spread them out.
  5. Hang the hearts from the branches
  6. Clip the birds from the branches
To make the 3D heart
  1. Once you’ve punched out all your hearts, cut from the bottom of the heart 1/2″ and another heart from the top of the middle of the heart about the same length.
  2. Slide a piece of twine from the bottom of the incised heart.
  3. Tie the twine at the top of the heart. Leave a few inches at the top to be able to hang it on the branches.
  4. Insert the second heart piece from the bottom so that it forms the heart shape.


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4 thoughts on “DIY Valentine’s Day Tree

  1. STACY says:

    hey there, Becky. It’s Stacy woods. I love this project. it is so darling I’m going to attempt to do it. Also, Is there anyway I could find out where the table and chairs are from that the valentine tree is sitting on?I love them… Looking to replace our dark table and chairs

  2. Shelby says:

    Love this cute tutorial!! Always looking for great holiday decor without it being super cheesy.
    Also to expand on stacys question, where is that white buffet from?!? *drool*

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