Crepes and Bistros

For breakfast we found ourselves at at a little bistro a friend recommended called Brizeh Cafe in Le Marais section of Paris. The selection of crepes was amazing. We chose some savory crepes to balance out our pastry indulgence yesterday. One of the things I love about Paris is the way they set up dining for good conversation and people watching. We always find ourselves seated at small intimate tables and close to others enjoying their food and the energy of their dining neighbors. I’m inspired to create a small bistro type setting in an outdoor space at home.

paris bistro becki owens

Each bite of this crepe was delicious.

paris bistro becki owens

I love the lightly tossed mixed greens on top. Salad for breakfast works for me.

paris bistro becki owens

/ Chairs / Table / Leather Jacket / Sweater / Leather Pants /

The charm of the bistro setting is one of the unique qualities of Paris. It’s set u up to make you linger and enjoy your food, watching the beautiful people of Paris passing by, while in no rush, savoring every bite.

To recreate this look, I’ve put together some great options for bistro tables and chairs for your own home. Whether it’s inside a small space or on an outdoor patio, these groupings of tables and chairs add charm, interest and a place to sit and catch up with good company. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.


Bistro Tables and Chairs

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