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In several of my designs I’ve installed hardwood flooring. The new wood floors have transformed the spaces, creating a clean, updated look . Today, I want to highlight a couple of examples where I replaced cement or tile with hardwood. In these two projects I used some of my favorite hardwood flooring picks, a warmer and a cooler option.

Manoir Gray

Becki Owens Manoir Gray hardwood flooring
Becki Owens Manoir Gray hardwood flooring

For this project I wanted a gray, cooler toned, hardwood to replace cement flooring. This home has a more modern feel. Manoir Gray hardwood was the perfect choice for clean, smooth flooring. The space still has a minimal feel, but a warmer, richer feel than cement.

TIP: This floor has a natural oil finish. Natural oil finishes can be maintained without re-sanding. By cleansing with special soaps and treating the floors with oil every 3-5 years you can erase the signs of wear and tear. Natural oil finishes are especially popular in European countries and are becoming more commonly used here.


Becki Owens Camewood Hardwood Flooring
Becki Owens Camewood Hardwood Flooring

In the Alta South Project, I decided to installed a wood with a slightly warmer tone. The spaces in this home are more modern and needed a durable, family-friendly flooring throughout. Canewood from DM Flooring was the perfect fit. The medium color of this hardwood is an excellent option if you are worried about signs of daily dirt and traffic. For the dining room of this home, a beautiful herringbone pattern was installed to make the space stand out and slightly more formal. I love how the warmth of the wood is subtle, but creates an inviting contrast to the all white kitchen.

Tip: This flooring has a urethane finish. This finish acts as a protective layer, preventing the natural wood from being scratched and worn. After time, as the coating is scratched, the floor can be re-sanded to look like new. This is done only every 10-12 years. Products to maintain and clean urethane finishes tend to be cheaper than oil ones.

There are few hardwoods that are my go tos for when I’m making flooring choices. To make it easy, I’ve created a resource guide of my favorites for you to use when you are searching for the perfect floors. See below for my favorite picks. For more information, you can also view my post on selecting hardwood flooring. Have a wonderful Monday!!


hardwood floors guide becki owens

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14 thoughts on “Best of Blog: Hardwood Flooring

  1. Veronica says:

    Manoir Gray hardwoods example shown, would you mind sharing the paint colors you choice to go in the kitchen? Just perfect! Love the space.

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  4. Lizzie says:

    Hi! I am looking into installing your exact floors, Manior Gray, and was wondering if you have to go to Beverly Hills to purchase? I live in So. Cal

  5. Kate Branham says:

    I personally love the look of a dark hardwood floor. The Campagne Gray color looks like one I would like. What other colors in the kitchen would you suggest to go with that flooring? I am thinking white with silver handles for the cabinets.

  6. Lori says:

    Thank you for sharing. All your homes are beautiful. I love the look of the DM Canewood and have gotten a sample. The sample looks much more “yellow” than your pictures or DM’s online pics of that particular color. Would you say that the “warmer tone” does have a somewhat yellow undertone to it once you get it in? Love every pic of it I see, but don’t love the sample board I have.

    Thanks for your input.

  7. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    Lately, I have seen a lot wood stained silver or gray, and I really like it. Even though it is a cool color, it make the space feel warmer, like you pointed out. I want to have something like the gray hardwood in your picture installed throughout my house. Can you tell me what type of timber and oil finish this is?

  8. Vintage & Specialty Wood says:

    My family used to love wood flooring, and I don’t blame them because I like the beauty it gives in our home. I like the character and benefits it provides in our home. Anyway, thanks for posting about wood flooring. I am a big fan of woods. Great post!

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