At Home with Anthropologie Custom Furniture

Today I have an exciting collaboration to share with you. I am so lucky to be working with Anthropologie on the release of their new Custom Furniture Program. Anthropologie’s furniture line is beautiful and unique with bold colors and interesting lines. It’s now even better because it is entirely customizable. We can now select shape, fabric, and finishing details to perfectly fit each space and lifestyle. For the release of their fall catalog, Anthropologie visited me at home to talk design and to style my spaces with some of their new custom pieces. Here’s a look into our day, our conversation about design, and into their new customizable line.

Heatherly Sofa, Lucite Mirrored Coffee Table, Midsummer Wall Art, Gracia Rug

Pick your Shape

The shape of your furniture is important because it helps define the style of space and what type of living you will do there. Are you going modern? Traditional? Do you want it to have a relaxed vibe for lounging or are you shooting for a little bit formal? It also helps the flow of a room by organizing where people can sit, walk, or stand. Circular shapes tend to feel more open, while straight lines create more defined boundaries.  Anthropologie’s Custom Furniture Program has over 120 shapes to choose from. They have chaises, Chesterfields, swivel chairs, midcentury sectionals, and so much more to help you get the exact look and feel that defines you.

Losange Settee, Lisen Side Table, Derrington Mirror, Abstracted Terrazzo Rug

anthropologie and becki owens


Select your Fabric

Each room in your house needs to fit your lifestyle. Selecting a delicate fabric with a houseful of kids is impractical and stressful for the whole family. One really cool thing about this customizable line is that there are 11 different fabric choices from beautiful Belgium linen that creates a relaxed coastal vibe, performance velvets for a family-friendly lux vibe, or high quality leathers that hold up to almost anything and age well.

Heatherly Sofa, Lucite Mirrored Coffee TableGracia Rug


Add Color and Details

Anthropologie offers 152 color choices. Color gives a design personality by bringing life to a space. This role is key because I want my designs to reflect the vision and experience of each client. Colors are personal, intimate, and expressive. They tell a story and create memories. My bedroom as a child was yellow and for me it will always be a happy, carefree color.

Heatherly Sofa, Lucite Mirrored Coffee Table, Midsummer Wall Art, Gracia Rug

Color also creates contrast and interest. In my designs, I build out a space by thinking about the balance between neutral foundations and statement pieces or textiles that tie the colors in the room together. I also consider what I want people to notice in a space, color helps draw the eye around a room through accent and statement pieces.

On top of customizable color, Anthropologie also has countless finishing detail options that will make your piece uniquely yours from leg shape to studs. They promise “you dream it, we’ll create it.”

Barwick Swivel Chair, Lacquered Regency Buffet, Gold Cinched Hurricane, Vase, and Candle

I’m so excited about this furniture line. Check it out here  to create your perfect piece. Thank you to Anthropologie for including me in their Custom Furniture Program reveal! Be sure to check back soon for more styling tips and ideas.



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