Affordable White Kitchen Made Simple

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my Affordable White Kitchen Remodel. This space was an incredible transformation kept within a budget. It started as a basic tract home kitchen with maple wood cabinets and white, square tile counters. My goal was to give it a completely new, fresh look with a modern edge, while keeping it budget friendly. By conserving the cabinetry and being smart with selections, I was able to meet my goals.

Today, I’ve created a resource guide with 6 steps to achieve this affordable white kitchen.

  1. Paint the cabinetry white, white with no pigment.
  2. Pick an affordable backsplash tile like this subway tile from Home Depot.
  3. Next, I choose marble that is beautiful, but not the most expensive option. This kitchen has Carerra marble which is a great, budget friendly choice.  I have a whole guide for choosing marble you can use when you are shopping for counters.
  4. Select affordable hardware. In this kitchen I used hardware  I found at IKEA. It gave it polish without a big price tag.
  5. Give it a pop of color, in this case, with a fun pink rug. Check out my Kitchen Runner Roundup for 24 rug options.
  6. Style it with warmth to make it feel inviting. I used cutting boards and wood bar stools in this space.

These key elements are what gave this space it’s completely fresh look. Below is a resource guide for this getting this look. I hope that this guide is helpful for you as you are making decisions on your projects. Have a wonderful start to your week!


affordable white kitchen Becki Owens

Kitchen Resources

  1. Benjamin Moore White White Paint – No Pigment
  2. 3×6″ Subway Tile
  3. Carrera White Marble – See Marble Guide for Details
  4. Ikea Vinna Hardware
  5.  Mirabelle Pink Rug
  6.  FEED Wood Cutting Boards

9 thoughts on “Affordable White Kitchen Made Simple

  1. Tawni Ahlstrom says:

    Thank you for the post! I am dying to do this in my kitchen! The only problem I am seeing with my space right now is that I have white appliances. Would you recommend changing the appliances or doing something different with the space? Thanks!

  2. Kelley says:

    Becki, I read in another one of your blog posts about painting kitchen cabinets white lacquer with no pigment, what is the difference between using a white oil base on cabinets vs white lacquer? LOVE your work!!! Thanks, kelley

  3. Aida says:

    Hi Becki!
    Gorgeous work! Can you tell me what the breathtaking flooring is? And where can I find it?

    Thanks a million!

  4. Rachel says:

    SUCH beautiful kitchen. All your work is spectacular!
    I’m curious about what you mean by “no pigment” & why that is such an important element.
    Thanks, Rachel

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