2024 Trend: Fluting and Reeding Detail on Wood Cabinetry and Furniture

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

We love talking trends in January. It’s such a fun way to start the year with new ideas and fresh inspiration. Although your home should be an expression of you and not driven exclusively by trends, seeing new ideas can be a fun way to evolve your own personal style. Many of the trending looks in 2024 are about adding more intricate detailing and a little richer color in to our crisp white modern homes. In that vein, one look we are loving is reeding and fluting detail on wood cabinetry and furniture.

Opposites of each other, fluting and reeding are wood carving techniques that add texture to flat wood. Fluting carves out grooves, while reeding adds curved ridges. Both looks add the coolest texture that feels modern while adding in a traditional look.

Fluting Detail on the Bellota Project Kitchen Island

Bellota Project / Brynn Alyson Photography

For this oversize island in the kitchen of our Bellota Project, we added fluting detail. Although the wood tone matches the perimeter cabinets, the extra carved detail sets it apart. It’s a really cool look that makes the kitchen feel custom and unique. In a tone-on-tone neutral space like this, it adds in a layer of texture that keeps the space feel interesting.

Reeding Detail on The Catherine Vanity

details by Becki Owens Catherine Vanity / Shop it here!

This bathroom vanity is part of our details by Becki Owens collection for Sam’s Club. We added rich detail to the Catherine Vanity to create a piece that stands out and really elevates a bathroom with a designer look. Available in three sizes to fit your space, 36″, 48″, and 60″. Shop it now on SamsClub.com.

Reeding Detail on the Rory Side Table

Reeding detail on the Rory End Table / Shop it here!

We love the reeded detail on this end table. We used it in our Belotta project and love the way it carries out the look of the kitchen cabinetry into adjacent rooms. Handcrafted from a beautiful blend of mixed reclaimed woods, It has a unique rounded top and base with vertical reeding. Shop it here on Becki Owens Living!

We can’t wait to share more trending ideas that we are using and seeing so check back soon! To catch up on our 2024 Trends Series, read here.


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