12 Everyday Household Products You Need On Hand!

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Between friend’s recommendations and a few of our own discoveries, we have found some great products that will make your homes prettier and you life a little easier. All of them are smart buys and great to have on hand. Here is a little detail about each.

  1. This runner is a great buy. It adds subtle color, works as a great neutral layer and is good for high traffic areas. Three reasons it’s a smart addition to your home.
  2. A good throw can serve many purposes. This makes the cut. It would look gorgeous at the end of a bed or draped across a sofa. I love the pom-pom detail and gray stripe.
  3. Lighting doesn’t have to break the budget. This chandelier is a fun update and affordable too. Consider it in a bedroom or over a dining area.
  4. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. I love a snake plant and this faux plant comes with a sleek black planter. Perfect for next to a console or entry table.
  5. Spring is around the corner and that is right about the time we notice our windows need help. Let the light in with streak free windows. This glass cleaning cloth is amazing, all you need is a little water and your windows will shine. I also love to use it on stainless steel appliances.
  6. I love this pretty ceramic pitcher. It’s beautiful on the table, styled on open shelving or use it as a vase with a big bouquet.
  7. Everyone has been talking about how dry their hands are. Here is a tip, keep this hand cream under your kitchen sinks for the days your skin needs a rescue! It works amazing.
  8. If you need a vacuum that works well on hard woods, carpet, the stairs and in small spaces, this is it! We love how this vacuum is so versatile and yet so powerful. It’s all you need to keep your dirt free!
  9. I love a good bread board. This one has a removable, slotted tray for a mess free kitchen. Simple remove and dump all the crumbs away.
  10. Salad Servers are so good to have on hand. You need a good amount of them for entertaining. These have a fun gold dipped handle.  You will find yourself using them often for salads, pasta, everything!! They make a great gift too!
  11. These dish cloths are oversized, pretty and really work well. They are really affordable too!!

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