White Kitchen Styled Four Ways

I just finished installing a beautiful white kitchen in the Las Palmas project. It’s a space with a lot of natural light and a gorgeous neutral foundation. With kitchens like this, that have a simple palette, it’s always important to style them to add color and texture to make the space come alive. This is one of the best parts of the design process and where I get to give the space a little personality. The beauty of a white kitchen is that are several options for styling it. Today, I thought it would be fun to give four different examples of styling this kitchen. Take a look at one kitchen styled four ways…

Option 1 – Neutral


One of the key items that I use when styling a kitchen is a pretty rug. In all of these styling examples you will see a rug that adds interest to the space. I shopped for the rugs and accessories in this kitchen at Nordstrom. They have a great home section where I can find everything I need to style my projects, including a new collection of rugs that work perfect with my designs. In the image above I used a neutral, vintage floral-print runner, paired with a pink dutch oven for a fun pop of color.

Option 2 – Charcoal


In this example I choose a charcoal gray rug. It still has the same vintage style of the first rug but this one is a nice option if you prefer darker tones. I’ve also added hand soap placed on a black, marble tray next to the sink. The counters in both these options are styled with a paddle style cutting board and mango serving tray that is perfect for slicing citrus.

Option 3 – Black and White


Here I’ve given the kitchen a cool edge with a tasseled Moroccan rug and a black and white stripe marble cutting board. A hot pink cook book adds color and contrast. It’s amazing how just a few changes give the space a new vibe.

Option 4 – Blue/Green


For the styling in the final example, I used a muted blue/green rug for a more classic look. Blues are timeless and pair well with most spaces. I swapped out a few accessories, placing the small pink canister near the paddle cutting board and some olive oil on the mango wood serving tray.  The styling in this example is more subtle.

Thank you for joining me for today’s kitchen styling tips. I hope these examples will give you some inspiration when you are sprucing up your kitchens. Just a few key pieces like a new rug, cutting boards, and pretty pops of color will give your kitchen a new updated look. When you are shopping for items to style your homes make sure to look at Nordstrom. They have furniture, lighting, accessories and more. Below are several of my favorite recent finds from Nordstrom perfect for decorating your homes. I hope you find something you love. Have a wonderful Monday!


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This post was done in partnership with Nordstrom

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  1. AngEla says:

    Beautiful!! Love the tips too! Would you mind sharing sources for island pendants, woven shade & art? Always look forward to your posts! Thanks! 🙂

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