This Week’s Favorite Finds

For this week’s favorite finds I had date nights in mind. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to share some amazing makeup tips I stumbled on this week. These are great ideas for your eyes and lips. They will give them a natural look, but make them stand out. I’ve also included another pillow and rug combo. I can never get enough of these. There are so many great ways to mix and match the vintage textile trend. I hope you enjoy shopping this week’s favorite finds. Have a wonderful Friday!



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This Week’s Favorite Finds

  1. This pretty cactus watercolor art caught my eye! Love it for a gallery wall.
  2. I thought it would be fun to get my makeup done for a new but natural look with Valentine’s Day coming up. This “cheat” lip pencil is so pretty on. You outline a little bit outside your lip for a fuller look, so subtle, but it makes a big difference.
  3. Pair it with this subtle pink/nude lip color for an amazing lip look.
  4. I also learned how to do the best natural looking brow  – LOVE THIS – start with this brow gel. Fan your brow, make it look arched and full. This alone does wonders!!!
  5.  Then you use this brow pomade and stroke your brow from inside to out just a 5 or 6 times with a very small narrow brush. Believe me it looks perfect.
  6. Finally, use the matte side of this dual-sided highlighting pencil to outline the bottom of your brow. The highlighting effect makes your brow look defined and darker without needed to fill it in as much. RESULT…a natural, fuller looking brow. So pretty! Plus the shimmery side of the pencil looks pretty in the corner of your eye. A great makeup tool.
  7. This long line cardigan is under $50, no joking! Grab it while you can.
  8. If you want something new for date night or gift ideas, these modern, stud earrings are so pretty. The keep selling out.
  9. A cool choker necklace, you won’t see everyday. I love the prism design.
  10. The black and white design of this mud cloth pillow would look good in any style house.
  11. A very dark indigo batik pillow, that can come off as black. I love this as a neutral in a space.
  12. These clogs are a great investment. Wear them for years -they will never go out of style. Wear them with denim, dresses, everything.
  13. I love this vintage rug to add color to a space. A great option for a bedroom or living room. It’s one of a kind, grab it while you can.
  14. A fun striped pom pom throw to lay across the bottom of a bed or across a chair.

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