This Week’s Favorite Finds

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  1.  A cool Rattan Starburst Mirror for Under $50.
  2. I love the modern design of this brass and alabaster lamp.
  3. This mid-length denim dress is timeless. Love how they styled it with the belt bag.
  4. Bracelets are in. Styles like this oversized, deep, rich blue one are a fun trend that is a great throw back. Love the vintage look.
  5. Pair it with another more subtle one on your other arm, like this cool gold cuff.
  6. A great buy on a cross-body straw bag. The caramel leather strap is a nice touch!
  7. Summer may be over, but I’m not ready to give up my summer glow. This is the best at home self tanner. Just rub it on with a mitt and you will have an istant, natural looking tan! It’s the best and easy to travel with.
  8. This dresser is such a pretty rich brown color. Consider adding some warmth to your spaces by mixing in wood tones. Mixing light and dark woods works well to create a room with deepth and interest.
  9. I love a great pair of boots. These mid length boots are no exception. The light, camel tone leather are a cool update for fall.
  10. A rug that is a great variation on a traditional stripe. Add it to your spaces for a crisp, fresh look.



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