Splurge and Save Mirrors

The best way to open up a room and add some interest at the same time is through a unique wall mirror. Whether grouped as a part of a gallery wall or placed individually to make a statement, a beautiful mirror makes all the difference. I love to add a mirror with an unexpected shape to smaller spaces like a powder room. But in layered designs, like the Cadiz living room, I used an oversized round brass mirror for a minimal look with a big impact. It opened up the room, making it feel larger.

Wisteria Hexagon Mirror Becki owens
/ Octagon Mirror – Part of Buy More Save More Sale going on Now! /

In my bathroom design above, I picked a simple, more modern, octagon mirror to pair with the bold geometric wallpaper. Simple, clean and a little shine, the right mirror, is the perfect finishing touch. Today, I’ve picked several fun options for you to browse for your designs. See below for my splurge and save mirror picks. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


splurge and save mirrors becki owens
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Splurge and Save Mirrors

  1. Rattan Wall Mirror – Splurge
  2. Rattan Mirror – Save
  3. Reclaimed Wood Oval Mirror – Splurge
  4. Reclaimed Wood Oval Mirror – Save
  5. Gold + Bamboo Mirror – Splurge
  6. Gold + Bamboo – Save ( Part of Pottery Barn’s Buy More Save More Sale)
  7. Oval Starburst Mirror  – Splurge
  8. Oval Starburst Mirror – Save
  9. Round Inlay Mirror – Splurge
  10. White Inlay Mirror – Save
  11. Round Brass Mirror – Splurge
  12. Round Brass Mirror – Save ( Part of Wisteria’s Buy More Save More Sale)
  13. Octagon Mirror – Splurge
  14. Octagon Mirror  – Save

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One thought on “Splurge and Save Mirrors

  1. Olivia Sherwin says:

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that hanging a mirror can really open up a small space. My master bathroom isn’t very big, and I want to make some changes to make it feel larger. I’ll definitely look into getting a mirror to make it feel more open in there. Thanks for the great post!

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