Rug Trend: Layering

I’m excited to introduce another rug trend, layering rugs, in partnership with Rugs Direct.¬†Layering rugs with with jute and natural fiber foundations is a trend that is easy to embrace and instantly elevates a space to create a designer look. I’ve recently installed a living room, as seen below, with this look. Layering several rugs in one room can give an effortless bohemian vibe, but even in more traditional spaces layering two rugs with different textures or patterns adds dimension and depth to your design.

layering rugs with Becki owens

A large rug, like a jute rug, fills the space, but the layered rug on top works to draw you in to the heart of the room, whether your talking about the seating area in the living room or the table in the dining room. By layering your rugs, you add depth and texture to your space for an effortless lived-in feel that is inviting and comfortable.

rug trend layer with rugs with becki owens
This trend embraces all design aesthetics as you can layer a traditional Persian, a colorful over-dyed, an intricately patterned kilim, or even a fur or hide. Although multiple rugs could be layered for an eclectic bohemian vibe, I mostly stick to two layers in my designs. A favorite look of mine is to layer a beautiful Moroccan or kilim rug over a large jute or sisal rug. The neutral under layer provides beautiful texture but mostly works to frame the more intricate top layer. This is also a great solution for those working with a tight budget, as large natural-fiber rugs are affordable allowing for more of your budget to go toward a beautiful statement rug in a smaller size.Layering rugs in a room is a fresh update that works to define your spaces while creating a focal point for the room.

Below are some examples of layered rug combinations that I’ve put together with rugs from Rugs Direct. Right now you can purchase any of their rugs for 15% off with a special promotion offered only to my readers. Click here to take advantage of the promotional offer. Thank you for joining me for today’s rug trend. Have a wonderful day!

layering with jute rugs

Layered Rug Combinations


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  1. Erica says:

    Hi Becki,
    Thank you for this helpful post! If I have a 5 by 8 rug what size would you recommend to put underneath? Thanks!

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