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This Month’s Client Favorites

Villa Bonita Project Kitchen, photo: Alyssa Ence Photography A few key pieces in a room can really make it feel beautiful. It might be a large statement rug or piece of furniture, but it could also be something small like a unique sconce or throw. There are a few of these pieces that always seem to

5 Design Mistakes + Easy Fixes

Over the years of  analyzing and redesigning spaces, I’ve found several common interior design mistakes that distract from the vibe of a space. Luckily, all these mistakes have an easy fix, a few of them without any cost. Take a look at my list below and then spend a few minutes to edit these 5 design

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DIY: How to Replace a Light Fixture

This time of year gets very busy with all the prepping for the holidays. If you are trying to update your homes during this season it can get a little overwhelming. With this in mind, I think a great place to start is with new lighting. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to