Our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

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Stockings might be our favorite part of Christmas. The little treasures left by Santa are pure magic. Today, we’ve rounded up several items that are the perfect stocking stuffers or small gifts for loved ones. We hope you have as much fun shopping for them as we did.


Stocking Stuff Gift Guide

  1. One of our staff’s favorite estheticians just gave us the inside scoop on skincare products that work as well as the expensive brands at a fraction of the price. Starting with this hydrating face mist that she says to carry in your purse at all times to instantly created a healthy glow all day, especially during these dry winter months.
  2. This skin moisturizer is as good as brands that cost well over $100! A wonderful gift!
  3. Everyone needs good hair ties and these are the best. Plus they are kind to your hair.
  4. Refreshing eucalyptus hand sanitizer.
  5. Hair vitamins!!!! Essential and these are yummy.
  6. The best lip balm ever! Everyone needs this in their bag.
  7. Bloom, a game your kids will love! Perfect for their own little New Year party.
  8. Yoga Dice, another fun game to play with your kids.
  9. This sleep mist is a unique gift that anyone would love.
  10. Cozy new running socks.
  11. New washable face masks.
  12. Incredible hydrating face masks. These are my new fav!!! Use them at night for beautifully hydrated, plumper skin in the morning.




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