Our Hostess Gift Guide

When visiting with friends or family for the holidays, it is always nice to arrive with a token of thanks for the hostess. In this week’s gift guide, I’ve found some fun and affordable gifts for the hostess that she can use to decorate the home, pamper herself, or add some fun to the holiday party. I hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift!


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Hostess Gift Guide

  1. This diffuser is one of my favorite gifts of the season. It has the most beautiful holiday scent, lasts forever, and is a great affordable price. Plus, it comes in a beautiful red, velvety box.  Your host will not be disappointed.
  2. Coasters are a great gift, because you never seem to by them for yourself, but they always come in handy. These marble and gold ones are a great update and under $30. Plus, super fast delivery.
  3. If you want to give a gift the whole family can enjoy, give your host a classic game like Twister. It’s fun way to enjoy the evening with friends, and an unexpected surprise.
  4. This natural wood serving bowl is so pretty. It perfect to use all year round to display fruit or serve salads. It’s a great accessory for a kitchen.
  5. I love hydrating lip gloss in the winter. Fresh makes a great one, with subtle tones that add just a hint of color. Plus, I love how these are wrapped like an old-fashioned treat. This makes a pretty gift!
  6. Probably the most popular scent you can find in a candle and in a pearl, iridescent jar. I love the Capri Blue scents. This is a wonderful gift under $30!
  7. A large cozy throw, on SALE, for under $40. It comes in a few colors. You can find the perfect match for your host’s home.
  8. I love a marble cutting board to accessorize a kitchen, but this one sends a nice message as well.
  9. If you’re looking for something unique, this record player is a wonderful option. It has a cool retro case. Plus, your host will be able to enjoy all their favorite music and enjoy displaying it as well.

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