Our Hostess Gift Guide

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Great Gifts for the Friend who Loves to Host

  1. The key to hosting? Great pizza. We can’t wait to try The Elements of Pizza.
  2. Nothing warms the home like fresh baked bread. Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt is full of useful recipes, with a cover pretty enough to display.
  3. How pretty is this? A farm fresh wreath of bay and rosemary.
  4. Pair Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt with this Artisan Bread Making Kit
  5. Great smelling hand soap is always appreciated, pair it with a beautiful hand towel.
  6. This matte black stoneware pitcher is so pretty. It would be beautiful paired with your favorite fresh stems.
  7.  These kitchen towels are fun and useful.
  8. A good hostess always appreciates pretty textiles. Pair this hand towel with great smelling hand soap.
  9. This black stone and wood cheese board is so pretty. Stop by Trader Joes on the way to the party and pick out cheese and nuts to give with it.
  10. The shape and mixed wood tones of these salt and pepper mills elevate any table spread.
  11. This ceramic match striker is as pretty and unique as it is useful. Pair it with your favorite holiday candle.
  12. This Winter Herb Growing Kit is a fun gift for the plant lover and the cook!
  13. For the friend who loves to bake, this beautiful and affordable set of brass and wood measuring cups and spoons
  14. Balsam and Cedar in sanded mercury glass is a perfect holiday home accent that smells as good as it looks.

Check back soon for more of our favorite gift finds for everyone on your list.


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