Styling Tip: Baskets

Of of my favorite styling accessories are beautiful baskets. I love adding them as a layer for added texture and interest in a room. Baskets are a great accessory because they not only look pretty but they are practical too. I use them as storage, to fill empty spaces and even as plant containers. They can really dress up a simple space. Below are some examples of how I’ve use baskets in my own designs, plus some of my favorite basket picks.

lindhal-19 copy
/Black and White Zig Zag Baskets / Pink Blanket / Waterfall Console / Cactus Art / Sofa /
I love using plants to dress up spaces like under a console in an entry way.

Modern Bohemian Home Owens and Davis
/ Oversize Seagrass Basket /

/Chevron Basket – on sale at Nordstrom now! / Art /

One of my favorite styling tips is to use a pretty basket as a plant holder. I love adding greenery to a space for color and as an organic element in my designs. Below is an indoor plant guide I’ve created to use as a reference for when you are buying plants for your home and some of my favorite selections for baskets to use with plants. You can view more of my tips for using indoor plants here.

indoor plant guide becki owens

Over 20 Fabulous Baskets

2 thoughts on “Styling Tip: Baskets

  1. Mandy Dickinson says:

    I am absolutely in love with the look in the first picture with the ziz zag baskets. It’s such a beautiful mix of feminine and organic touches. It’s stylish, but maintains a very comfortable atmosphere. This is exactly how I want my living room to look! What shade of paint was used on the wall behind the console table? It’s absolutely lovely. Also, what type of flooring was used?

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