Hardwood Flooring Picks

Flooring can make a huge difference, changing the whole palette of a space. I love using hardwood specifically white oak. The home I’m featuring today already had wood flooring, but they had a leak in their kitchen and had to redo all their floors. They asked me to help choose their new hardwood. Today, I’m excited to share the final reveal with you.


The hardwood we chose were a beautiful european white oak called Canewood from D&M flooring. It’s a hand scraped style in a medium color wood. This floor is easy to maintain and clean and doesn’t show every spec of dirt.


TIP: Selecting new flooring can be an overwhelming process. I suggest always getting a sample to bring home before purchasing. Try it in all different lights and next to your paint. “Live” with it for a few days and see if you love it.

I’ve put together a grouping of six hardwoods I love for you to use as a resource in your upcoming projects. Hopefully this will help make your decision for choosing hardwoods a little easier. Have a wonderful day!

Hardwood Flooring Picks

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19 thoughts on “Hardwood Flooring Picks

  1. erica says:

    Hi Becki!

    I love your work! I am wondering, what flooring do you recommend for a room that does not have windows with natural light? Also, do you have any paint suggestions? I love the light airy fresh look I see you do just wondering how that can work in a room that has no direct window light…

  2. Jinny says:

    Hi Becki!

    I was wondering what kind of flooring would be best for a white cabinetry and white wall kitchen…would white floors be good? I was thinking of a white tile floor to give it an ultra modern look. Do you recommend this?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    How do you feel about laminate floors? It looks like there are definitely a lot of options out there now… Would you consider sharing a roundup of your fav laminate hardwoods? For those of us who have champagne taste on a beer budget. 🙂

  4. Courtney brady says:

    Hi becki! I love your designs!! I would love help on what hardwood floor to do in my house. We have white cabinets, torquay quarts by cambria countertops and Muslin by Benjamin Moore on the walls. We have grey couches but of course those can be changed. Our home is a very open floor plan. We have kids and a dog and want something that will be in style for a while. I am stuck on what do:( I don’t know if I go with something like castle grey by Provenza or Malibu by hallmark or something totally different?! thank you so so so much for any help! Your are inspirational!!! Thx!

  5. Courtney brady says:

    (I forgot to ask in my post above) I I would also love help on what kitchen table color to use with all this:) We have a custom nook and want to refinish our wood table to really add some style.
    thx a million times.

  6. Lizzie lamm says:

    Do you know how the floors are holding up? I bought a box of the same flooring and I LOVE it but if I drop a strawberry on it and the juice gets on it, I can’t get the color off the floor. I want to install but I’m worried about food stains….any advice or thoughts on how the owners floor is now that they’ve lived on it? Thank you sooo much!

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