DIY Holiday Wreath

When we decorate for the holidays we love to use natural elements.  They make our homes feel wintery and rustic and smell amazing.  We also love to involve our kids when we make special decor. They can help to gather greenery, pinecones, and decorate the tree. It’s very festive and fills our homes with family traditions. Today we want to show you one of our holiday decorating projects, how to make a DIY holiday wreath for your home.

DIY Holiday Wreath Owens and Davis

Step 1. Gather Together Your Supplies

-A Branch Wreath – You can find this at Michaels or any craft store
*Special Note: your wreath will grow bigger with added greenery
-Floral Wire
-Cutting Shears
-Fresh Greenery – Christmas tree boughs, Magnolia, Berries, Eucalyptus, etc.
*Go around your yard and snip pretty leaves and berries

Step 2. Assemble

Starting with your Christmas tree boughs, weave them through your branch wreath. The wreath we started with had more of an oval shape so we made it more round with greenery. We love the asymmetry – play that up. We used just a few tiny sprigs for the top of our wreath,and the bigger pieces for the bottom and off to the left to give the wreath movement. Cut different size pieces of sprigs with your shears and use the natural curve of the branches and leaves to your advantage.

DIY Holiday Wreath Owens and Davis

Step 3. Finalize Shape

Once you have placed all your greenery, hold up your wreath to see how the branches are hanging. At this point, make any adjustments or shaping you need with your floral wire. Cut the wire 4-6″ to be able to loop under one of the twigs from your wreath frame and then loop under your greenery. Twist tightly to secure.

DIY Holiday Wreath Owens and Davis

Step 4. Embellish

Once your shape is done, now have fun with the yard scraps, the market, or greenery from a local florist. Again, use the wreath base to tuck the greenery in and secure with wire where needed.

Step 5. Hang and display!

DIY Holiday Wreath Owens and Davis

DIY Holiday Wreath Owens and Davis

Now you can create a unique and inviting holiday wreath for your home. We hope you enjoy making your own holiday decor. Happy Holiday Season!


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