Designing with Eskayel Wallpaper

eskayel wallpaper living room becki owens
Anastasia Rug

I just finished installing the space above. One of my favorite parts of this music room is the amazing wallpaper from Eskayel. I’m so drawn to their prints. Whenever I incorporate one of their designs into my work, I feel like I’m adding art to a room. If you haven’t discovered their collection of wallpaper, I’m excited to share it with you today.

eskayel wallpaper
Their prints work beautifully as an accent on one wall, framing a space like the sitting area above or to draw the eye to a charming corner as seen in the girls room below.

eskayel wallpaper
Girls Bedroom Wallpaper

Eskayel WAllpaper
Bathroom Wallpaper – Natalie Myer/Veneer Designs

Eskayel Wallpaper
Entryway Wallpaper – Lauren Behfarin Designs

Whether it’s a bedroom, bath or living area there are so many gorgeous prints to make a space unique and special.

eskayel wallpaper
Nairutya Citron Wallpaper


Below are a few of my favorites from their collection, but there are so many to choose from it was hard to pick.To see all of their wallpaper options visit here. And please check back soon for a full reveal of the music room above. Have a wonderful day!

Eskayel Wallpaper Becki Owens

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