Bohemian Bedroom

Here is a sneak peak of a bohemian bedroom we’ve created for a client. Our client lives by the beach in Southern California. She loves a clean, white, minimal home but also loves bohemian style. We started with simple white walls and a gray post bed. Then we accessorized to create her bohemian bedroom. One of our favorite pieces is the handwoven tapestry. It’s very unique and has beautiful detail. Next to it, the warmth of the wood lamp brings out the browns in the tapestry. We used all white bedding, but added unique throw pillows to give an eclectic, artistic feel. This bedroom went from a neutral space to the feeling of casual, bohemian, beach living. We loved creating this bohemian bedroom for our client. See below for all of our resources.

Bohemian Bedroom Becki Owens Blog

| Gray Post Bed , similar | Wood Lamp | Wall Tapestry | Blue Batik Pillow | Pink Pillow | Ceramic Handpainted Vase | Glass Vases | Suede Journal | Candle | Book |

4 thoughts on “Bohemian Bedroom

  1. Heather says:

    Your work is absolutely inspiring! This bedroom is a beautiful mix of fresh, feminine and bohemian. Keep up the amazing work you two!

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