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Indoor Plant Guide

One of my favorite accessories for any space are beautiful plants. I like to look at them as nature’s art. They add color and interest, while livening up a space. There are several ways to display plants and few plants I use often and love to decorate with. I’ve put together a little inspiration for displaying


10 Indoor Plants to Liven up your Space

Vidriosa Project / Autumn Grace Photography One of the best design tips for livening up your space is to add plants throughout your home. It’s easy, affordable, and the vibrant pops of color and pretty textures are transformative. Today we are sharing a few favorites we use in our designs. Take a look and shop your

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Our Planter Roundup

Amber Interiors Need a quick home makeover? One of the easiest and most affordable updates you can do in your home is to add greenery to each room. It transforms a space by adding color, texture, and a fresh vibe. We shared some favorite ideas for styling plants in our Best of Blog: Indoor Plants

Styling Tip: Baskets

Of of my favorite styling accessories are beautiful baskets. I love adding them as a layer for added texture and interest in a room. Baskets are a great accessory because they not only look pretty but they are practical too. I use them as storage, to fill empty spaces and even as plant containers. They can


Fresh Florals: The Easiest and Best Accessory

Today I want to share with you what I consider the easiest and best accessory for freshening up your home. You may have noticed my love for flowers in many of photos. They are one of my favorite styling tricks. Colorful florals are the easiest way to brighten up a space and make it come