Under $50 Gift Guide

Whether your shopping for him, her, tweens or something in between, I’ve got some great gift ideas for you today. The best part is they are all under $50. I think some of my favorite items are the fun snow tubes I found that come shaped like an ice cream cone or donut. Imagine one blown up by the Christmas tree for a great, unexpected surprise! Have fun shopping and have a great Wednesday!


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Under $50 Gift Guide

  1. A book with 75 of the latest fashionable hairstyles – so fun for your girls.
  2. Love You To The Moon” wire wall art.
  3. Stacked gold rings from Etsy.
  4. “Ooh La La” confetti phone case
  5. Vintage, ethnic, lumbar throw pillow
  6.  A complete travel set of the Kai scent products, including shampoo, body lotion and more, these smell amazing!!!
  7. Personalized bar necklace, great price!
  8. Rose Hibiscus hydrating face mist, this is such a fun, luxurious gift.
  9. Melrose, mercury candy, pretty to display in a bathroom or styled on a bookshelf and beautiful smell as well!
  10. Men’s Kiehls face scrub bar.
  11. Stance blossom socks
  12. 18 color nail polish set
  13. Mens Minnetonka suede moccasins – timeless and so comfortable! Get them here with Amazon prime!
  14. The four elements of the perfect shave, shaving kit –  from Art of Shaving – awesome gift for guys!
  15. Ice Cream cone-shaped snow tube. This is so fun for the whole family!!



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