5 Statement Lights with Wow Factor

When designing a new space, it is often the lighting that I get most excited about. A really great chandelier or pendant can define an entire room and elevate the space from just okay to truly beautiful. Sometimes this is because the light fixture itself is so unique, but often it is just because the right light in the right space makes a room feel complete. Browsing for inspiration, I found these five images where the lighting makes the statement. Enjoy!

modern coastal family room becki owens


Via – Design by Orlando Soria

The elegant branching on this ultra modern light fixture has the organic feel of something that just washed up to shore. It adds color in the neutral space, but because it is delicate, does not detract from the ocean view.


Design by Studio Mcgee

Set against a soft pallet of pastels, tiihis golden orb creates a focal point without taking from the pretty of the room.


Via – Design by Danielle De Lange


Via – Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

I love how these oversized rattan pendants define the dining space and add warmth without detracting from the white-washed simplicity of the Swedish design.


Ashley Winn Design

Tall ceilings call for oversized lights. This large capiz pendant fits the space and the black lines in the light mimic the black framed photos on the wall.


Pencil & Paper Co

I love these brass dome shades and how they add color and depth to the otherwise neutral kitchen.

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