4 Tips for Curated Etsy Shopping

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Similar Antique Wood Vases Found on Etsy Here – Torina Project PC: Brynn Alyson Photography

We all love to visit fun boutiques to find unique decor for our homes, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Whether it be proximity or time that prevents a curated shopping opportunity, Etsy has is a great solution. We often shop Etsy for unique pieces to style kitchens, bookshelves, consoles, pretty much every space. Here are few tips and keywords that work wonders when shopping on Etsy….

Tips for Shopping on Etsy

  1. When shopping for pillows, we love to use keywords like vintage pillows, mud-cloth pillows, block print pillows, and also specific colors. For example, we love the earth tones that are trending right now so we might search terracotta pillow. Great options pop up. We also love the Etsy shop OneAffirmation. You can also find a beautiful selection of vintage fabric pillows in many sizes.
  2. Another fun way to style your home for a more curated feel is with artisan ceramics. We love searching for “French Ceramic Crocs,” “Hand-Thrown Ceramics,” “Ceramic Dinnerware,” “Antique Ceramics.”  Layering these pieces on open shelving, kitchen counters and using ceramics in your holiday tablescapes will really add interest.
  3. Wreaths, and faux floral, grasses are a great find of Etsy. There are wreaths for all seasons and they make a wonderful first impression, improving your curb appeal and making your home feel more inviting from the start. Search by season, color or even material to find a wreath that unique to your home.
  4. Last but not least we love searching for rugs on Etsy. Search by style ie: Moroccan, Hemp or Vintage or search by color. We often use the word vintage with additional keywords to narrow the search. For example Vintage Blue Turkish rug. You can also do some research and be more specific to where rugs are made like Anatolian or Oushak rug. You have to have a little patience, but the hunt can be part of the fun, especially when you find the perfect, unique rug for your space.

We hope you have enjoyed a few of our Etsy Shopping tips. See below for all of our October Etsy picks. Have fun shopping and hunting.



 / 1 – Fall Landscape Art Framed Print / 2 – Vintage Blush Pillow / 3 – Pampas Grass Wreath / 4 – Antique French Croc / 5 – Ceramic Mixing Bowls with Pouring Spouts / 6 – Vintage Style Rug /

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