Holiday Decor For Kids

When we decorate for the holidays we love to include our kids and make it special for them. We have them help decorate the tree, hang lights and make their own holiday art and crafts. It’s fun to take it a step further and do some simple decorating in their own rooms. This year we purchased some small sparkle trees from Anthropologie that fit nicely on their bedside tables or on the floor in their rooms. They get to decorate the trees and enjoy the tree lights as they say goodnight. Hanging their holiday art and stringing a garland is all that is needed to finish the job. Doing some simple holiday decor for kids is a great way to include them in the festive spirit of the season. See below for our kids room inspirations. Have a great day!

holiday decorating for kids becki owens blog

holiday decorating for kids becki owens blog

/ Wallpaper / Table Lamp / Pink Pillows / Fur Pillow / Side Table / Bed / Bedding


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