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5 Favorite Laundry Room Paint Colors

Laundry rooms are usually small and utilitarian, but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. Spending time in a pretty space can help ease the sting of the work that needs doing. An inexpensive and relatively easy way to beautify your laundry room is with paint. Here are five favorite laundry room paint colors we are using in our projects.

The Outdoor Sconces We are Using + A Few More

Give your home a facelift! Today we are showing the outdoor sconces we have been using in recent projects, and a roundup of beautiful options at all price points.

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Our February Love Series: Our Favorite Marble Alternative Countertops

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this month of love, we are sharing the looks we are loving and using in our most recent projects. Every time we post a new kitchen we get slammed with questions about design sources on paint, flooring, and countertops. So today we want to share the countertops we love to use. White marble-alternative countertops are a go-to look for us in our designs. They are beautiful, durable, and help create the clean, airy vibe that we love in a kitchen. Here are the exact ones we've been using recently.


The Power of Paint: Our Favorite White Paints to Transform your Space

Paint can completely transform a space. It can create a new look, a new mood, and make old look new. Despite always changing color trends, a white space remains timeless and it's the foundation we most like to start with in our projects. There are an overwhelming amount of white paints on the market, but we like to stick with the ones that always work for us. Today we are sharing our favorites.


How To Update Bathroom Vanity Lighting

For those of you who have redesigned a bathroom, you know that there are a lot of little decisions that can become overwhelming. Along with layout, tile, and fixtures, good lighting is a major bathroom feature. We always believe that lighting elevates the design and is worth upgrading but there are so many good options and different ways to use them. To give you some direction, take a look at how we have recently designed our vanity lighting and the trending looks we have been using.