Zen Spaces + Sale Active Wear

I recently had the chance to design for a client who loves yoga and wanted the relaxing vibe of her favorite pass time to extend to her home. I’ve a lot of fun designing spaces for her. It has me thinking, with such busy schedules, the idea of a home being a place to workout and unwind sounds ideal. So here are a few inspiring, zen spaces and some active wear (all from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) to sport while Spending time in them. Enjoy.


Indoor/Outdoor Island Style

Kate Holstein  Via

Bohemian Bedroom


Design by Maggie Pierson Via, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Zen Porch


Design by: Jennifer Harrison

A Living Room to Lounge

Design By: Whitney (Clappe) Utesch

Tranquil Closet

Closet Via: Kim Dolva and Mette Bonavent Design,  Photo: Gyrithe Lemchie

Bathroom Retreat

las palmas bathroom
Las Palmas Project 


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