Architectural Trend: The Revival of the Porte Cochere

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Some of our favorite homes lately have a common architectural feature–the porte cochere. We’ve fallen for the look! Today we are talking about what it is and sharing some of our favorite examples on both historic homes and new builds. It’s both practical and pretty and if you are designing a dream home, something you should definitely think about including!

Peter Block Architects

Historically popular on large estate homes, a porte cochere is a covered porch big enough to allow carriages, and later cars, to pass through. Guests could be dropped off in bad weather and enter into the house through this side entrance without getting wet.

McAlpine House

On new builds, the porte cochere has the same practical purpose but also adds historic charm. It’s an architectural feature that feels Old World and stately. It breaks up the exterior and allows the view behind your home to be visible from the street. So pretty.

D. Michael Collins Architect

image via Howie Guja

No wooded forest or ocean to show off? The porte cochere also looks beautiful when opening up to a beautiful detached garage.

Grandfather Homes

Grandfather Homes

A porte cochere works with any architectural style, from traditional to super modern and is a pretty way to blend old with new for a rich style that feels unique.

Bonadies Architect

What do you think? Is it a look you are loving as much as we do? We think it looks just as good on new builds as it does on historic homes. Our Pinterest followers agree, too. It’s an architectural detail that is definitely trending on our exteriors board. For more home inspiration and trends be sure to check back soon!




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