10 Tips for an Organized Home in 2019

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New year, fresh start! Like many, we’re starting the year with a goal of refreshing our homes and organizing our lives. One of the biggest tips in creating an Instagram worthy home is to cut the clutter and organize the rest. We’ve been asking around and gathering tips from friends who always seem to have it together. Here are ten of our favorite organization tips that free up space, simplify your routine, and beautify your rooms so you can truly make your home your oasis in 2019.



No Mudroom? No Problem!

We all wish we had one of these inspiration mudrooms. But if you don’t, it doesn’t mean that you have to live with shoes, coats, and backpacks cluttering your entry. In an attached garage, stack metal shoe racks (one for each family member) right by the door. The oldest family member gets the top shelf, the youngest the bottom. Above them, hang metal coat hooks strong enough to handle a back pack and coat. Teach your kids to enter in through the garage and drop of there stuff before entering your clutter-free home.


Bin Everything (We Love These from IKEA

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Most of us have staples that we keep on hand in our pantries. Instead of throwing boxes of snacks on the shelf when you get home from the store, open and dump into labeled bins. Everything is easily accessible, stays fresh, and looks more appealing. Clear bins like these are nice because they make everything easy to see, but we also love the shape and size of these Ikea recycle bins. We are using them everywhere from the pantry to bathroom.


Simplify your Morning Lunch Routine 

A friend recently told me about pre-made healthy lunches at Sprouts. On extra busy weeks, I’ve been buying them for my kids and they love them. They are only $3.99 and come in perfect stackable containers that fit in the fridge. My kids grab one in the morning and head off to school with no work for me.


Free up Shelf Space with Magnetic Spice Jars

Gneiss Spice via Etsy

How beautiful are these magnetic spice jars? Hang on the back of your pantry door and free up drawer/cabinet space.


Prep Produce Immediately for Easy Access 


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Make grabbing a fruit or vegetable snack as easy as possible. Destem grapes, cut the tops of your strawberries, and prepare carrots and celery into sticks. Store everything in sealed tupperware. Your fridge, and the food in it looks so much more appealing stored this way.


Make Use of Vertical Space

Becki Owens Brio Project Laundry Room

Make use of your wall space to add storage in your home. In this small laundry room, we added to the ceiling cabinets for maximum storage space and then also added open shelving for easy access to essentials. Open shelving with beautiful baskets are also a great storage solution in kid spaces to store toys, books, and craft supplies.


In a Pinch, Hide Clutter in Decorative Baskets

Becki Owens collaboration with Nicole Davis Interiors Cotton Point Estates Project

Work oversized baskets into the design of your most used rooms. Door bell rings and your entry is a mess? No problem, toss it all in the basket (even better if it has a lid, shop here and here) and leave the real clean up for later. You could use baskets by the front and back door for shoes, one by the stairs so that everything that needs to be returned up or down can be carried in one trip, and one in the kitchen for dirty dish towels to be taken to the laundry room all at once.


Reorganize your Bathroom to Match your Routine

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Stop wasting time digging through the junk for your bathroom essentials. Create three categories. Everyday items go in your top drawer. “Use often” items go in the second. And everything else your don’t use much but still want to hang on to goes in a bin stored under the sink or in a linen closet. And just get rid of all those Gift Bag samples your saving because you might use them one day. If you haven’t used them yet, you probably wont.


Store Shoes in Plastic Boxes

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With plastic shoe boxes, you can store twice as many shoes and keep them better organized in pairs. Make sure the boxes are clear so you can easily find the pair you want to wear.


Hang Jewelry on the Back of your Closet Door

Marcia Mazel-Clarke and Maggy Pierson via MyDomaine

Keep your jewelry from becoming a tangled mess with hooks on the back of your closet door. You could even do it on a wall in the corner of your room and let your jewelry add color and texture like a piece of art to your space.

Good luck getting organized! It takes time but so worth it once you are done.



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