Summer Styling Tip: Add a Palm

I love adding greenery in my home for a quick and inexpensive way to refresh the space. For summer, a palm is the perfect update to lend a casual tropical vibe to your decor. This pop of green in a corner, or on a table makes a tired room come alive and may even help ease the transition from your amazing tropical summer vacation to real life back at home. Many palms are very low maintenance and can do well in bright and low-light conditions, or even simpler is a faux frond in a cool vase. Check out these 5 examples of palms that have me inspired and then try out this simple summer styling tip in your own home.


1.  Place one in a bedroom.

decorating with palms
Via – Amber Interiors


2. Use a palm to accessorize a lonely corner.

decorating with palms

Via – Lived in Coogee


3. Liven up a kitchen nook.


Via – Studio Gorman


4. Use as a centerpiece in a dining room.

decorating with palms

Designer Haynes Roberts, Via – Elle Decor


5. Layer a palm on a dresser or sideboard.

decorating with palms

Via – Coastal Style


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