Styling Tip: Photo Ready Spaces

A big part of my job as an interior designer is presentation. Once the concept for a design is complete and everything is ordered, I shift into install mode. It’s one of the best parts about my job. I love install days because I finally get to see everything come together to create a beautiful space. At this point I focus on making each element look its best. I want my client to walk into a room that they will fall in love with. A space that looks fresh and new, good enough to be what I like to think of as, “photo ready.”

conair turbo steamer
On an install day ideally everything arrives at once. All the furniture, boxes of accessories, bedding and drapes are delivered and then we dive into the task of pulling it all together. In order to make it happen I bring one of my must have tools, a hand-held steamer. My favorite is the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Handheld Fabric Steamer. I use it on everything to get out wrinkles and leave everything looking flawless.

There is nothing worse than beautiful new bedding with big ,creased wrinkles all over it. With the steamer it takes me just a few minutes to remove the lines from the bedding being folded in the boxes. I use it on pillow cases, comforters, even pillows with delicate fabrics. It works like a charm.

The steamer is light weight, hand-held and easy for me to pack when I head to a job. It never seems like there is enough time on install days. I love that it has a long cord so I can move around the room easily with it. It’s fast and effective.

I love linen drapes in a room. Their weight and quality make all the difference. But sometimes they need a quick touch up to get out wrinkles so they lie properly. The steamer works perfectly even on linen drapery.

I don’t just keep it on hand for design jobs. It works great on my favorite silk dresses and wrinkled kids clothes. It cuts down significantly on the time it takes getting ready because I can just quickly steam out some wrinkles when I’m in a hurry to get out the door.

From prepping my own home to entertain, getting ready for a client meeting or polishing of a space on an install day, I use my Conair steamer all the time. It’s my styling tip for making your life a little easier and making your home look its best. It’s available to buy nationwide at Target.

Thanks for checking in to learn today’s styling tip. Check back soon for more resources and details about the bedroom project above. Have a great day!


**This post is done in partnership with Conair.

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