Styling Tip: How to Update your Outdoor Spaces for Fall Entertaining

Becki Owens Summit Creek Project / photo: Rebekah Westover Photography

For many of us, fall is still a perfect time for outdoor entertaining. The weather is crisp, the leaf color is beautiful, and the smells in the air are earthy and rich. With a few easy additions to your outdoor living areas, your space can feel cozy and your guests can stay warm.

Becki Owens Summit Creek Project / photo: Rebekah Westover Photography

Layer Warm Textiles

Add layers of warm textiles throughout your outdoor living spaces to create a warm, inviting space for guests even on chilly nights. Add pillows to your chairs, woven throws to seat backs, and a basket of additional blankets to the side. In the outdoor dining space of our Summit Creek Project, we added Arhaus’s Sheepskin Wool Throw to the back of each chair. Visually, the throw looks warm and inviting. For guests, the throw shields from crisp autumn air. The throw is so plush and adds a lux look. The addition is simple but transforms the space from airy summer to cozy fall. Arhaus sources uniquely crafted pieces from artisans around the world so you get curated, eclectic feel in your home that we love.

Add Accessories that Glow

Style your space with lanterns and candles that create a feeling of warmth. Even if they don’t put off enough heat to keep the cold away, they create a cozy vibe.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Now in the off season is a perfect time to update your outdoor furniture. Arhaus has beautiful outdoor furniture and accessories and everything is on sale! A big part of outdoor living and entertaining is ensuring that you have plenty of seating for all your guests to be comfortable. Arhaus has a great selection of statement chairs. They also have several really cool fire pits that would be amazing for fall entertaining.

We’ve rounded up some outdoor favorites. Shop below and then find more on

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