Spring Curb Appeal: Pretty Fences and Borders

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One beautiful way to up your home’s curb appeal is to add a fence or border to your landscaping. It adds instant charm, helps define your garden, and creates a little privacy. For today’s post in our Spring Curb Appeal Series, we are sharing front yard fence and border inspirations. Take a look at these different materials and styles to help you find the perfect fence to fits your home.


Wood fences are classic. They add charm whether you use the real thing or a low-maintenance alternative that gets the look. Try a white picket overflowing with flowers to create a cozy cottage vibe, a simple corral fence perfect for a modern farmhouse, or horizontal slats that feel clean and modern.

Ward Jewell Architect

Raili Clasen

Patterson Custom Homes

Kelly Nutt Design 


Brick and Stone

Low walls of brick or stone can blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior. They are perfect for defining a garden or creating a front courtyard or patio.

SHM Architects

Trickle Creek Designer Homes



Metal fences feel substantial but are airy enough for a full view inside the garden. Although they can be more expensive, they are long lasting. Decorative wrought iron can create a Mediterranean vibe, a simple wire fence can add a country farmhouse feel, while a custom metal fence in a geometric design feels more modern.

Brandon Architects

Better Homes and Gardens

SHM Architects

Garden Studio Design


Natural Fences

Natural green fences are a beautiful way to create privacy. Plants like, boxwood, oleander, or laurel, shaped into a hedge creates a border and backdrop for your garden. A gate adds to the fence like feel of these plants.

J. K. Kling Associates

Ray Murakami and Lynda Reeves

dk Design


Adding a fence or border to your landscaping can make a house. Hope this gives you some ideas for your own yard. We will be talking curb appeal all spring, so be sure to check back.

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