Spring Curb Appeal: Driveways

Driveways are functional, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be beautiful. Replacing an old cracked driveway with something new can instantly transform your exterior. A clean simple concrete driveway looks great, but there are lots of other options. If you are looking for mega charm or just something unique, today we are sharing beautiful driveway inspirations that increase your home’s curb appeal.



Design: Sean Anderson Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck via Architectural Digest

Brick or other stone pavers are beautiful options that add charm and pattern. They don’t crack with a little ground settling and are slip resistant in rainy climates.  This look is definitely more expensive than concrete, but worth considering if it fits in your budget.

Nicola’s Home and Gulf Shore Design


Brick or Stone Accents

Barrow Building Group

Adding a little stone or brick to your concrete driveway adds a bit of design without the huge investment of a full paver driveway. Edge with brick for a clean look or consider a unique inlaid brick pattern to add a pretty artistic element.

Grandfather Homes


Dark Concrete

Muskoka Living

A black concrete driveway adds drama and style while maintaining affordability. I love how the green landscaping pops against it and how it contrasts here with this beautiful white house.


via Rosen Berry Real Estate Group

Crushed stone driveways have a rustic beauty. They look especially good with cottages, beach homes, and modern farm houses or in rural areas. They are super affordable. Although they look best when you keep them free of debris, other than that they are very easy to maintain since they have no problems with water or cracking.

Lucy Williams Interiors



Mollywood Garden Design

This flagstone driveway creates a garden-like vibe. If you have a small front yard, it can be overwhelmed by a large slab of concrete. Consider this look to keep things green.

Verdone Landscape Architects


Concrete Slabs

Mollywood Garden Design

Break up your concrete by laying it in a pattern using geometric slabs. Consider growing grass between the seams for a pretty pop of vibrant color.

Garden Studio Design

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